Interactive advertising


Corporate, promotional websites
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I-1-34 DEXTER promo-site DEFA Agency LLC Russia
I-1-16 Pure Leo Express Estonia
I-1-24 MTV Movie Awards 2007 promo-site Nile Studio Russia
I-1-66 Office entertainment "Draw Musi" Internet laboratory KSAN Russia
I-1-2 Ovip Lokos Actis Systems Russia
I-1-7 Energetic drink Non Stop Euro RSCG BTL Ukraine
I-1-49 Promo Site "Miller Halloween" DeLuxe Interactive Russia
I-1-60 VecheGREENka TRAFFIC Russia
Information resources: mass media, informational portals, servers and agencies
: , ,
I-4-5 Fashion portal Belarus
Service projects: on-line services, on-line stores, catalogues, search services
: on-line , , ,
I-3-6 Yandex.Colours - Multimedia card editor Internet laboratory KSAN Russia
Non-commercial projects: entertainment, culture, humanities, ecology
: , , ,
I-4-6 Face Control culture project Nile Studio Russia
I-4-12 matepuana project Russia
I-4-14 Moskva kotoroy net Notamedia Russia
I-4-9 Virtual "Kissing garden" Internet laboratory KSAN Russia
Banners: gif, jpg, flash, html, rich-media
: gif, jpg, flash, html, rich-media
I-6-1 Call me! BBDO Interactive Russia
I-6-11 Junior Leo Burnett Kiev Ukraine
I-6-2 Change number BBDO Interactive Russia
I-6-3 Mobile pay BBDO Interactive Russia
n-line campaign: promo-sites, banners, games, postals, viral films and new medias (weblogos, chats, user generated content - joint creation with usersand other)
n-line : -, , , , (, , user generated content .)
I-7-4 Juicymania BBDO Interactive Russia
I-7-14 Dad Marazm AFFECT Russia
I-7-25 Bonanza bananas online-branding UMI Studio Russia
I-7-6 Help Mexicans to get to Russia BBDO Interactive Russia
Best of Contest
I-7-5 Orbit brand's website "In orbit" BBDO Interactive Russia

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