Official competitive program of 8th KIAF divided into 8 parts and consists of 15 contests. Each contest divided into categories.

Contests evaluated by Big and the†Cteative Jury of KIAF:
  • TV and cinema spots.
  • Print.
  • Outdoor billboards and posters.
  • Radio spots.
  • Advertising photography.

II††††Contests evaluated by Designersí Jury of KIAF:

  • Graphic design and POS materials.
  • Label and Packaging.

III††Contests evaluated by Signs and expo Jury of KIAF:

  • Outdoor and transit advertising.
  • Exposition design.
IV††††Contests evaluated by Interactive Jury of KIAF:
  • Interactive advertising.
V††††Contests evaluated by Media Jury of KIAF:
  • Media projects.
VI††††Contests evaluated by Advertising campaigns' Jury of KIAF:
  • BTL & DM projects.
  • Alternative advertising, ambient media.
  • Advertising campaigns, integrated marketing communications.
VII††††Contests evaluated by PR Jury of KIAF:
  • PR projects.
VIII††††Professional Press Jury evaluate contests of TV spots, prints, outdoor billboards and determine two best entries: Press prize for TV and Press prize for Print.
Bonus program of KIAF
Big Jury of the KIAF evaluate contest of advertising parody and humor in advertising.

Beer of the Festival