Contest of advertising parody, humor, caricature


Contest categories
Í-1.     Advertising parody, humor, caricature of real brands and their ads (TV, radio, print)
Í-2.     Humorous advertising of “assumed” brands, funny pictures on advertising themes, collages etc.

Criteria of entries’ evaluation
by jury members:
-         Accordance of advertising idea to declared objects;
-         Quality of conception’s realization.

Entries technical requirements

Category H-1
must be given under technical requirements of appropriate category (TV, print, radio etc).

TV works must be under next technical requirements:

1.    With compression.
    on CD or DVD
        Video: in MP4 only, DiVX codec no less than 5.1.1
        Data stream (b.r.) – no less than 7 Mb/sec, shot size - 720 x 576
        Audio: in MP3 only
        Data stream no less than 128 Kb/sec, discretization (sampling) – from 44100 Hz, 16 bit, stereo
All spots from one participant must be on one disk in the form of separate files, names must be in Latin letters (Cyrillic is strictly forbidden!), they must be short and be identical by implication with declared spot’s full name, for example: spot "sugar" - file "sugar.avi".
(On disk must be indicated: participant, contest category, entry and file names).
2. Without compression.  On Betacam SP or DVCam only.
All spots from one participant must be on one device with 10 seconds interval of black field between spots, no less than 30 seconds of black field from the beginning of film-holder.
(On disk must be indicated: participant, contest category, entry name).

Print works must be given:

To be placed in an
e-catalogue of the Festival entries and for jury online evaluation there has to be an e-version of the entry in *.jpg, *.gif files, 72dpi, RGB:
  • small picture (preview) – horizontal side can’t be more than 200 pixels
  • big – horizontal side can’t be more than 700 pixels, 72dpi, RGB.
    (These files must be a part of contest application and lay out directly on the Festival’s website).
 To be accepted for jury
  • entries must be presented in a colour A4 printouts
    (on the back side of an entry must be indicated the work’s title and contest category without indicating(!) of participant’s name).
To be demonstrated in the exposition
  • the work must be presented in a color A4 format printout, placed on a black A3 format substrate.
    (In a right down corner of substrate face should be indicated contest category, the work’s title the same as in application and participant’s name)
Contest audio entries must be given on CD disk or send by email to Organization Committee after its agreement. Technical requirements for audio file: MP3, 48 kHz, 192 kbps.
(On disk must be indicated: participant, contest category code, entry name).

Contest entries
must be sending to Organization Committee address:
App. 24, 8/12 Andriivska str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
Recipient*: Tatyana Andros
(please indicate Tatyana Andros as a recipient if delivering by courier)
You must inform about entry dispatch by e-mail:

All post and delivery expenses are paid by the sender.

- for applications’ registration is April 22, 2007
- for allocation of all entries is May 10, 2007
- payments should be submitted till May 10, 2007

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